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Bean Dregs Dryer, soybean residue dryer

Bean Dregs Dryer

Bean Dregs Dryer can be used to dry all kinds of dregs such as bean dregs.Bean Dregs Dryer mainly consist of coal hot air furnace, feeder machine, rotary drum dryer, discharging machine, induced draft fan, electric control box, etc.
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Bean Dregs Dryer Brief Introduction:

Bean Dregs Dryer also is kown as soybean residue dryer.  Bean dregs dryer mainly contains coal hot air furnace, feeder machine, rotary drum dryer, discharging machine, induced draft fan, electric control box, etc.

bean dregs dryer, soybean residue dryer

Bean Dregs Dryer Working Principle:

◆ The wet bean dregs is scattered firstly, and then use the feeder machine to transport it into the rotary drum dryer.  

◆ Inside the rotary drum dryer, there are many lifting boards welded on the inner wall of the drum. When the rotary drum dryer is rotating, the wet bean dregs are made up and down by the lifting boards, thus the wet bean dregs contact with the hot air sufficiently, and the moisture inside the bean dregs is evaporated into steam.  The steam goes out of the rotary dryer by air duct tube, and the dried bean dregs goes out of the rotary dryer through the discharging hole. 

Bean Dregs Dryer Work Flow

Bean Dregs Dryer Features:

Considering the bean dregs has the features of big moisture content, Big viscosity, high protein content, Sunco Machinery Bean Dregs Dryer adopts series of new technology, and can have very good drying effect.

 Fine simple structure, Even resistance when the materials goes through the cylinder tube, easy operation;

 Even dried bean dregs;

 Little breakup and maintenance cost, low energy consumption;

◆ Bean Dregs Dryer System adopts special breakup device, ensure the drying effect;

 After the drying section, the bean dregs dryer can be matched with crushing, mixing, granulating, packaging, in order to produce the fruit residue granule feedstuff.

◆ Good sealing system, matched with good dust cleaning system, no dust pollution, good operation evironment, low energy consumption;

 The whole bean dregs drying system adopts electric centralized control, hot air temperature is automaticly adjusted, high degree automation, convenient operation;

 High mechanization degree, large production capacity, continuous work.

Bean Dregs Dryer Specification:








Main Motor

 for  Dryer


Calorific Value

Evaporation Quantity 

per ton Bean Dregs 


1-1.5 t/h

65±5 %



>6000 KCAL/KG

0.61 t 


2-4 t/h

65±5 %



>6000 KCAL/KG

1.22 t


 2.5-5 t/h

65±5 %



>6000 KCAL/KG

1.53 t  


5-8 t/h

65±5 %



>6000 KCAL/KG

1.83 t


8-12 t /h

65±5 %



>6000 KCAL/KG

3.61 t

Notice: Any change of Bean Dregs Dryer technical data shall not be advised additionally.

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