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An installation to dry wood chips or bamboo chips

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Sunco Machinery can design and supply the installation to dry wood chips or bamboo chips, and the key machines are rotary wood chips dryer which can dry and reduce the moisture content to be less than 10% or as need.

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The humidity of the wood chips fed into the drying system usually contain 30% to 50 % humidity and it have to be dried to be 10 % or less humidity content as need.

The installation of wood chips dryer system should include everything such as hot air production with biomass, input belt conveyor, output belt conveyor, mechanical feeding hoppper, inlet rotary airvalve, outlet rotary airvalve, rotary wood chips dryer machine, cyclone separator, induced draft fan, chimney, bag filter, electric control panel, etc.

The installation of of wood chips dryer machine's potential output capacity of dry wood chips with 10 % humidity can be desigend according to the clients' actual need (24 h continuous operation), and under the situation that the the input contains 50 % moisture or more or less.

After being dried, can use weighing installation to bag the wood chips in 25 kg bags or as actual need.

The working principle of wood chips dryer machine is: 

Wood Chips Dryer mainly consists of a horizontally inclined rotating cylinder, air duct tube, hor air furnace, highpressure draught fan, electric control box, etc.

Wet wood chip are fed at the feed inlet hole, and discharged at the dischaging hole. It is direct-type heated rotary dryers, hot gases move through the cylinder in direct contact with the wet wood chips, either with or against the direction of the wood chips' moving direction. The cylinder is equipped with lifting plates which lift the wood chips, and shower it up and down through the hot flue gas. 

Within about 25-30 minutes to be heated and processed inside the wood chips dryer,  the humidity of wood chips can be reduced to be less than 10% or as need, and the dry wood chips can be used as biomass fuel for the boiler, power plant, etc as one green fuel.

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