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How to adjust the output size of small rock crusher/small jaw crusher?

Time:2013年05月12日      Hits:

The output size of the small rock crusher /small jaw crusher is adjustable. The following article will show you how to adjust the output size of small rock crusher /small jaw crusher.

Structure of small Jaw Crusher, small rock crusher

When adjusting and arranging the discharge opening of small rock crusher /small jaw crusher, unscrew the nut of tension rod which strains the part appropriately at first, unclamp spring, unclamp wedge a bolt, unclamp the wedge one, tighten the jack bolt, it push forward the toggle seat and achieve some space, then take out the shim reaching the needs of discharging opening; if add more shim, it can reduce the opening; when the discharge opening of  small rock crusher / small jaw crusher reaching the needs, unscrew the jack bolt and the toggle seat with shims will be back to the frame under the weight of movable jaw. Please note that the toggle seats should not contact with frame, then tighten the bolts and firm the framework, tighten the tension rod nut appropriately and tighten up the spring, namely finish adjustment.

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