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Rotary Drum Dryer Machine for Drying Seaweeds

Time:2013年04月18日      Hits:

Rotary Drum Dryer Machine from Sunco Machinery is suitable for drying seaweeds in large quantity. Seaweeds Dryer Machine has the features of large capacity, easy operation, low maintenance cost, etc.

After being dried, if the seaweeds is for the animal feed, then the normal seaweeds dryer made of carbon steel is ok.

After being dried, if the seaweeds if for people to eat, then there should be one stainless drum inside the rotary drum dryer.

For the fuel selection of the seaweed drying machine, the fuel can be coal, natural gas, diesel, wast wood, etc.  The fuel is suggested to be selected according to the actual situation in the users' country, and considering the fuel cost, etc.

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