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5 Tons Per Hour Sand Drying Unit

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5 Tons Per Hour Sand Drying Unit by sunco machinery can be designed according to the customers' actual situation.

The work flow of 5 Tons Per Hour Sand Drying Unit is as follows:

5 Tons Per Hour Sand Drying Unit, sand dryer
-- Tractor Shovel sends the wet sand into hopper;
-- Hopper sends wet sand into belt conveyor;
-- Belt conveyor send wet sand into sand rotary dryer;

-- Burner and hot air furnace supply the high temperature air for the sand drying process;

-- Sand rotary dryer heat and dry the wet sand sufficiently to the needed final moisture content;

5 Tons Per Hour Sand Drying Unit, sand dryer

-- Cyclone Separator separate the dust from the exhaust air;

-- Induced draft fan make the hot air into the sand drying system, and make the exhaust air out of the dryer machine;

-- Water dust removal tower is used to collect the rest fine dust.

-- Outlet belt conveyor sends the dried sand out of the sand dryer machine.

-- Electric Control Panel is used to control the whole sand drying system.

As need, the sand final moisture content can be less than 1%.

If you are in need of sand drying machine, please contact by email to : suncomachinery@hotmail.com 

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