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What are the supporting equipment of sand dryer?

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The supporting equipment of sand dryer mainly includes:
1. Disc feeder: the disc feeder is open type. Its function is to control the feeding speed and quantity of sand, ensure the feeding uniformity of the whole process, and extend the service life of the equipment. The disc feeder is very important in the sand production line.
2. Feeding belt conveyor: Transport wet sand to sand dryer.

3. Hot blast stove: the heat source of the sand dryer is provided by the hot blast stove, and the fuel of the hot blast stove is diverse, mainly including coal, wood, diesel, natural gas and other fuels. After combustion in the hot blast stove, the high temperature flue gas generated shall be sent to the interior of the main engine, so as to provide heat.

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4. The quicksand pipe is a conveying equipment that passes through the upper part of the hot blast stove and then enters the main engine to send sand to the main engine for sand drying. The size of quicksand pipe has an impact on the output, so customers need to pay attention to the selection of quicksand pipe.
5. The receiving hopper is installed in the discharge port of the dryer mainframe, which is divided into two channels: the upper part is used to discharge dust and impurities, and the lower part is used to discharge dried materials, which plays a role in controlling the discharge amount.
6. The existence of the cyclone separator and the linear vibrating screen is also important. The dust impurities enter the cyclone through the pipeline, fall down after hitting the wall, and play the role of collecting pollutants. The linear vibrating screen is to screen the dried sand, so as to meet the needs of customers.
7. The bucket elevator can lift up the sand, and a packing bag is placed at the lower part of the outlet to reduce labor and facilitate bagging.
8. Induced draft fan: the equipment can draw the heat generated by the fuel of the hot blast stove into the rotary sand dryer to make it contact with the material and generate heat exchange.
The above is the supporting equipment for sand drying machine. Different supporting equipment plays different roles, and the existence of supporting equipment is also essential.

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