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Equipment for grinding soapstone into fine powder

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Ramond Roller Mill also is called roller grinding mill, and it is the key euipment for making soap stone powder. It is to use high rotation speed roller to press and grind the material working together with the blower. Then the blower blows the powder up to the powder classifier which is on the top of the mill, the coarse powder can not pass through the powder classifier, and falls down to the grinding chamber to be grinded again, and the fine powder can pass through the powder calssfier and then goes into cyclone powder collector, finally comes out as final product.

Ramond Roller Mill can process and grind the soap stone into powder fineness with ranges of 80 mesh to 425 mesh, and according to the actual need, the clients can select the powder output fineness by adjusting the rotation speed of the powder classifier. The higher the rotation speed of the powder classfier, the finer the powder output fineness; the lower the rotation speed of the powder classfier, the bigger the powder output fineness.

soapstone grinding mill, soapstone powder machine
Ramond Roller Mill is one key equipment for making soap stone powder, but still needs other supporting equipments to working together. The work flow of soap stone grinding mill system usually is as follows:

01. Jaw crusher crush the soap stone into size less than 30mm.

02. Belt conveyor or bucket elevator feeds crushed stones into hopper.

03. On the bottom of the hopper, there installed one vibrating feeder, and the vibrating feeder feeds crushed stones into the grinding chamber of the raymond roller mill evenly.

04. Inside the grinding chamber of the mill, the stone is grinded into powder, and then under the action of blower, the powder is blowed up to the powder classifier for classification. After that the needed fine powder goes into the cyclone powder collector to be collected, and finally falls down and to be packed into bags as final product.

05. There is one set of bag filter device used to get rid of the dust generated during the grinding process.

06. Electric control panel is used to control the whole Raymond Roller Mill plant.

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