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Limestone Powder Plant

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Limestone Powder Plant for crushing and grinding raw limestone into powder size 80-425 mesh (0.614mm-0.028mm). The clients can select the powder output fineness as actual need by adjusting the rotation speed of the powder calssifer: The higher the rotation speed, the more fine limestone powder fineness. What is more, for the same model limestone grinding mill, the finer the powder fineness, the less the grinding capaicty. 

The key equipment of limestone powder plant is limestone grinding mill which is to high rotation speed roller to compress and grind the raw limestone working together with grinding ring.

Limestone Grinding Mill Advantages :

1. Compact structure, less floor area needed.
2. High passing ratio up to 90%.
3. Driving system of main frame adopts airtight gearing and pulley, drives smoothly and operates reliably.
4. High Maganese Steel Roller and Ring, long durable.

5. Centralized controlled electric control system, high automaticity level.

6. Easy operation and maintenance.

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Here we take capacity 5 tons per hour, limestone powder fineness 200 mesh as sample, one set of limestone powder plant consists of :

* PE250X400 Jaw Crusher: To crush the raw limestone into size less than 25-30mm in advance so that it is suitable to be grinded by limestone mill.

* Belt Conveyor or Bucket Elevator: In order to save land area, usually to use bucket elevator to send the crushed limestone into hopper.

* Vibrating Feeder: It is installed on the bottom of hopper, and to feed the raw limestone into limestone mill evenly and graduallly.

* Limestone roller mill: To crush and grind the limestone into fine powder, and limestone powder fineness can be controlled in the size range of 80-425 mesh. One set of limestone mill includes mill mainframe, powder calssifier, blower, cyclone powder collector, bag filter, etc.

* Electric control panel: To be used to control the whole limestone powder plant.

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