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0.8- 1.2 tonne/hr chicken manure drier machine/ process line

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0.8- 1.2 tonne/hr chicken manure drier machine/ process line by Sunco Machinery is suitable for small scale chicken farm owner with about 100,000 chicken. Usually 10,000 chicken can generate about 1 tons fresh chicken manure per day.

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For the fresh chicken manure, it is with high humidity, and its moisture content can be up to about 70-80%. By using Sunco Machinery Chicken Manure Drier Machine, not need to dewatering the fresh chicken manure in advance, the drying machine can directly process and dry the fresh chicken manure quickly and continuously, with one time drying for about 25-30 minutes, the moisture content of chicken manure can be reduced to be about 15-30% as need. For the drier chicken manure, then can let the wet manure stay longer drying time inside the dryer cylinder.  By adjusting the rotation speed of chicken manure drier, can increase or reduce the time for the wet manure passing through the dryer drum, in other words, to control the drying time as actual need according to the humidity of end dry manure.

For example, after the drying process, you want to pack the dry chicken manure into bags, then the needed moisture content of dry manure less than 20% is ok. If you does not need to pack the dried chicken manure into bags, and plan to directly to sell it to the local farmers as organical fertilzier, then the needed moisture content of dried manure less than 30% is ok. After being dired, the dried chicken manure can be directly used to the soil as organical fertizer, and can help to increase the soil quality much.

chicken manure drier machine, chicken manure dryer, manure drying machine

The work flow of 0.8- 1.2 tonne/hr chicken manure drier machine/ process line is as follows:

1. Hot Air Furnace is to burn firewood and generate hot air for the drying system.

2. Inlet screw conveyor sends the wet chicken manure into the Special Designed Rotary Dryer machine.

3.  Inside the Special Designed Chicken Manure Dryer machine, the wet manure is heated by the hot air , and the water is evaporated into water vapor, and finally the dried manure goes out from the dryer drum’s outlet, and the water vapor goes out from the air pipe and then goes into the cyclone dust separator.

4.  Draft fan makes the hot air into the drying system, and make the exhaust air and water vapor out of the dryer drum.

5.  Cyclone Dust separator is used to separate the fine powder from the exhaust air . 

6.  Exhaust Air and water vapor come out from the dryer, and then pass through draft fan, and after that it goes into atmosphere.

7.  Deodorization Tower System includes the deodorization tower, water pump and recycling water pool, and it is used to process the odor in the exhaust air.

8.  Electric Control Cabinet is used to control all the machines in the chicken manure drier system.

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