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Deodorization tower for chicken manure drying euipments

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Deodorization tower is necessary for chicken manure drying equipments, and it can help to lighten the manure odor during the poultry manure drying process, and keep the good working condition for the operators.

In order to get rid of the manure odor generated during the chicken manure drying process, the deodorization tower needs to work together with one recycling water pool, and more quantity of water, better work performance.

Working principle of Deodorization tower system of chicken manure dryer is as follows:

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Water Dedodorization Tower System consists of Water Dedorization Tower, Water Pump, Water Pipe, Settling Water Pool, Clean Water Pool, etc.

The customer make the water settling pool and clean water pool at their work site according to Sunco's technical drawing.

After being processed  by the Cyclone Separator, still there is few fine dust mixed with the exhaust air.

Exhaust Air pass through the draft fan, then goes into Water Dedusting Tower. Exhaust Air moves to the top of the Water Dedusting Tower.

Water Pump takes water out of the clean water pool, and  then sends the water into Water Dedusting Tower.

Water Deodorization Tower is divided into 3 chambers, and in each chamber there is one Water Mist Sprayer. Water Mist Sprayer generates the water mist, and then water mist falls down to the bottom of water dedusting tower.

During this process, the exhaust air meets the water mist, and the fine dust mixed with the exhaust air is captured by the water mist, and the odor is got rid of.

Finally the clean exhaust air goes out from the top of water dedusting tower, and goes into atmosphere;  the fine dust together with the water mist goes out from the bottom of water dedusting tower, and goes into water settling pool.

Between the Water Settling Pool and Clean Water Pool, there is one wall. After settlement, the dust settles to the bottom of pool, and the water goes into clean water pool.

In one word, the whole water pool is one Recycling Water Pool.

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