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Hay and Forage Dryers‏

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Hay and Forage Dryers‏ also can be called Alfalfa Dryer Machine. Alfalfa Dryer by Sunco Machinery is designed for drying fresh alfalfa direclty and quickly to produce hay for animal. After drying, most of the nutrition of alfalfa is saved, the color and taste of the dried alfalf is very similar as the fresh alfalfa.

Hay and Forage Dryers‏, Alfalfa Dryer, Hay Dryer, Forage Drying Machine

Especially in the large quantity hay production in agriculture, if we still use the sunshine to dry the plant such as alfalfa, then most of the nutrition such as coarse protein will be resolved and lost, it is really a very big lost for the hay production, and also the hay quality is low.

According to many years' research and test and actual experience, Sunco Machinery Engineer develop one new type Hay and Forage Dryers‏ (Alfalfa Dryer) .

Hay and Forage Dryers‏, Alfalfa Dryer, Hay Dryer, Forage Drying Machine

The advantages of the alfalfa dryer is as follows:

+ High Temperature Quick Drying ;

+ Clean hot Air drying , not pollute the alfalfa;

+ Large processing capacity;

+ Energy saving as using the new structure design;

The alfalfa drying machine can directly be used to dry the fresh alfalfa with moisture content up to 75-80%, and after drying, the humidity of the dried alfalfa can be less than 14% which is very suitable for storage in the long term. The most important features are the dried alfalfa produced by alfalfa dryer is high quality hay which's color and taste is very similar as the fresh alfalfa, and the coarse protein can be more than 22%. 

Description of the Alfalfa Drying System:
Hay and Forage Dryers‏, Alfalfa Dryer, Hay Dryer, Forage Drying Machine
--- Hot Air Furnace consists of fuel burning chamber and Ash Collection Chamber. Hot Air Furnace is used to burn
the dry waste wood, and generate the high temperature air for the dryer system.
--- Inlet Belt Conveyor sends the wet alfalfa into Inlet Feeder.
--- Inlet Feeder has two functions:
(1) To send the wet alfalfa into dryer machine evenly;
(2) Avoid the cold ambient air into the dryer machine.
--- Rotary Alfalfa Dryer has the function as follows:
(1) To help high temperature air to heat and dry the wet alfalfa sufficiently;
(2) The diameter and length of the dryer supply the enough drying chamber ;
(3) There is frequency converter motor for the dryer machine. By adjusting the rotation speed of the frequency
converter motor to adjust the rotation speed of the dryer machine, then to adjust the alfalfa drying time in the dryer
machine according to the actual need.
--- Draft Fan has the functions as follows:
(1) Make the ambient air into the hot air furnace, and supply Oxygen for the fuel burning process;
(2) Make the high temperature air into the dryer machine to contact and heat the wet alfalfa sufficiently;
(3) Make the exhaust air and dry alfalfa into Cyclone Separator.
--- Cyclone Separator has the functions as follows:
(1) To separate the exhaust air from the dry alfalfa: The dry alfalfa comes out through the outlet feeder, and falls down
onto the outlet belt conveyor; the exhaust air come out from the top of the cyclone separator, and goes through the draft
fan, finally goes into atmosphere.
--- Outlet Feeder has the functions as follows:
(1) To send the dry alfalfa onto outlet belt conveyor evenly;
(2) To avoid the cold ambient air into the drying system.
--- Outlet Belt Conveyor is used to send the dry alfalfa into product storage area.
Drying Alfalfa Machine, Alfalfa Dryer, Alfalfa Dryer Machine
--- Electric Control Panel is used to control all the machines of the alfalfa drying system.

For detail of Hay and Forage Dryers‏, please feel free to contact :
--- Email: suncomachinery@hotmail.com
--- Tel./WhatsApp: +86-15838214261

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