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  • [2021-10-12]How to dry cow dung massively ?

    Cow dung dryer designed by Sunco Machinery is ideal for drying cow manure massively and quickly.

  • [2021-10-12]Odorless chicken manure dryer

    The odorless chicken manure dryer can be applied to large, medium and small chicken farms. The odorless chicken manure dryer is mainly composed of feeding machine, feeding machine, discharging machine

  • [2021-10-12]What is loose bulk density of dry poultry manure ?

    After being dried by poultry manure dryer machine, the loose bulk density of dry poultry manure with moisture content 13-15% is about 600kg per cubic meter.

  • [2021-10-12]Constitution of chicken manure drying system

    Chicken manure drying system mainly includes manure feeding device, hot air furnace, manure drying device, manure discharge device, exhaust air system, electric control device, etc.

  • [2021-10-12]Chicken Manure Drying Machine Price

    Chicken Manure Drying Machine Price is according to the drying capacity needed and the size of the manure dryer.

  • [2021-10-11]Organic Fertilizer Production Line

    Organic Fertilizer Production Line is specially designed for producing the organic fertilizer. The raw material for organic fertilizer production usually are chicken manure, poultry dung, cow dung, et

  • [2021-10-11]Chicken Litter Dryer

    Without dewatering units, Chicken Litter Dryer from Sunco Machinery can dry moisture 70%-80% chicken manure (Poultry Manure) into about moisture 13% one time directly which is safety moisture for stor

  • [2021-10-11]Fresh Chicken Manure Drying Machine

    Fresh Chicken Manure Drying Machine by Sunco Machinery can reduce poultry manure moisture content from 75-80% to be less than 15% within about 30 minutes directly.

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