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New case: Work site of coal slime dryer in Guizhou

Time:2021年10月23日      Hits:

The coal slime drying project built by us in cooperation with Guizhou customers has been installed well and begin production. This project is another coal slime drying project built by our company in the Guizhou market. The following is Guiyang, Guizhou Pictures of the coal slime drying project work site.

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Coal slime dryer machine refers to specific coal slurry drying equipment including coal slime, raw coal, Mongolian coal, lignite, long bituminous coal, clean coal, fat coal, froth coal, tailings, medium coal and blue carbon. Different coal characteristics are divided into specific drying process and dryer structure. Customized production, specifications, models, heat sources and other technical parameter solutions are subject to user needs, free installation and technical debugging.

Sunco Machinery coal slime dryer manufacturer has been committed to the research and development of high-humidity material dehydration and drying technology and equipment production for many years. The new coal slime dryer adopts the fully-sealed dryer structure and reinforced insulation layer structure developed by the company to further improve heat Utilization rate, reduce the cost of drying one ton of wet coal, reduce dust pollution, and extend the life cycle. At the same time, the steam coal dryer equipment was introduced with mature technology. How much is the price of a coal slime drying equipment? Sunco Machinery provides a free quotation plan, which details the configuration list of the coal slime dryer, the analysis of the cost of drying one ton of coal, the power of the dryer, the floor area, the production line planning and other technical design information, so as to promote users to improve the efficiency and quality of the coal slime drying machine.

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