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  • [2013-04-05]Chicken Manure Dryer for Organic Fertilizer

    Chicken Manure contains many kinds of nutriment elements for the crops, and it is very ideal organic fertilizer. But as fresh chicken manure contains many moisture, then the suitable chicken manure dr

  • [2013-04-05]Chicken Manure Dryer For Big Moisture Content Poultry Manure

    Sunco Chicken Manure Dryer can dewater poultry manure with big moisture content from 70-80% directly to below 13%, and chicken manure dryer no need special dewatering device additionally.

  • [2013-04-01]Rotary Drum Dryer Manufacturers in China

    Sunco Machinery is one of the famous Rotary Drum Dryer Manufacturers in China. Sunco Machinery supply many kinds of rotary drum dryer such as sand dryer, wood shavings dryer, coal slime dryer, coal as

  • [2013-03-25]High Production Wood Shavings Drying System from China

    High Production Wood Shavings Drying System from China has the features of high production, high heat efficiency, low energy consumption,etc. Sunco Machinery is one professional manufacturer of wood s

  • [2013-03-24]What is a Rotary Dryer ?

    Rotary Dryer is a type of industrial dryer which is used to reduce the moisture content of the materials by bring the material into direct contact with a heated gas, or indirect contact with the heate

  • [2013-03-23]Main Uses of wood shavings

    Main Uses of wood shavings: Animal Bedding;compost,plywood,raw mateial of wood pulp paper,Pyrophoric material for boiler, biological energy source,filling for the transportation of fragile cargo.For t

  • [2013-03-23]Equipment List of 1 t/h Wood Shavings Dryer System

    1 t/h wood shavings dryer mainly consist of 1.0x11m Rotary Drum Dryer, hot air furnace, belt conveyor, feeder, etc. Sunco wood shavings dryer have the features of high heat and drying efficiency, low

  • [2013-03-22]Congradulation! New Order of Sand Dryer from Algeria customer

    Congradulation! Algeria customer place one new order for one set sand dryer plant in March 22th.